What is Atelier ’22-’23


Atelier 22-23


Analyzing qualitatively the last few years of voice teaching, in which I shared my experience as a lyrical artist with my younger colleagues, I noticed much better results with those with whom I worked more consistently. The quality of the voice was better, homogeneous, and the interpretation became much more realistic, better constructed, being able to discover details that can only be revealed to us over time.

That is why I have decided that starting October 2022, I will develop a more detailed program of vocal training, running over a period of 10 months, in which we will have the opportunity to build a homogeneous voice optimally positioned, to allow us to approach any musical style in the repertoire of the operatic genre, through a pronunciation as correct as possible.


The program will be built on modules that will consist of vocal and interpretation courses, both in person and online, ending with a recital.

The plan is for the last module to be completed with a role in a chamber opera production, performed entirely by all of us together. It depends on the number of participants.

The in-person courses will be held in the form of an intensive 5-7 day workshop, depending on the number of participants. Both online and in-person courses will be held at the Atelidra Gallery Studio, from C. Brâncusi str. no. 112, from Cluj-Napoca.


If so, then send me an email at contact@atelidra.com and we’ll talk about details. See you soon.